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ALL expenses associated with raising alpacas, including purchasing the alpacas, are tax deductible!
Make improvements to your property as part of your alpaca business and they are a write off.
Driveways, new buildings, fencing and much more qualify as a deduction. If you plan to make property improvements anyway, why not claim them as a tax deduction!

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S.H.I.P. results are in and boy are we pleased!!
(Suri Herd Improvement Program)

" My husband and I are extremely pleased with our Grandview Suri experience. We were completely in the dark about Alpaca's, but Grandview Suri has made that a thing of the past. Lisa has been one of the best things that has ever happened to us. She has been with us every step of the way. No question was silly, and the time she has spent giving us the information we need is invaluable. We would recommend Grandview Suri to anyone thinking about building an Alpaca herd. "
Dennis and Rebecca M.

"I highly recommend Lisa Haselhorst, and Grandview Suri Alpacas, to any one interested in starting in alpaca ranching or simply adding to their herd. Lisa is very knowledgable, professional and honest, and has been a pleasure to do business with, now and in the future."
Jennifer H.

"Lisa is quite simply amazing! She knows the bloodlines, does the research and has the keenest eye for alpacas that I have ever experienced. With her guidence, I am taking my business to the next level. I trust her implicitedly. I will do business with her again, and again, and again...."
Hillary D.

“Lisa at Grandview Suri Alpacas has provided encouraging support as we started our new life in alpacas…we are grateful that we purchased our first 3 alpacas from her farm, and look forward to our continuing relationship with her. She is an active and involved alpaca advocate and promoter.”
Dan C.

"Lisa Haselhorst and I have done business together many times over the past few years, and I have found her to be not only a very honest and helpful mentor but very knowledgeable and helpful as well. She is one of the most trustworthy alpaca rancher that I have ever known."
Diana S.

"It has been a pleasure working with Lisa!! She is very alpaca knowledgable. We decided to work with Lisa because we are just beginning a herd and didn't know how to start. She made it easy, and I have never felt like my questions are a burden. She helped us make our barn and corral alpaca friendly, she told us where to purchase our hay and what kind of grains to buy, and she even transported our two pregnant girls to our house with ease. Lisa is also getting us aquainted with our first shearing and general care. She even gave us a bookmarked book to read about alpaca training and care. I would definately recommend Lisa!!! She is an awsome person, she wants to help :):):), it's hard to find people like her! We are very happy with our two healthy alpacas!!!
Thank you Lisa!"
Shannon W.

Lisa Haselhorst has been an incredible resource for our family as we have begun our journey in the world of alpacas. She has educated us, supported us, and provided us with numerous resources. She loves her heard and that shows in the quality of the alpacas, her involvement in the industry and through everyone that has become involved with alpacas because of her guidance. Thank you, Lisa!
Kimberly Y.

25% down. 1 year no interest financing.

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